Digital Signage & LED Screen in Health Care Providers

By adding informative and interactive screens, education institutions can upgrade the learning experience. Instead of relying on complicated email systems and paper notices, digital signage is an opportunity to keep students up to date with events, news or real-time changes. The perfect match will help schools, colleges and universities relay and publish information that is optimized to the space and the time. While static signage is difficult and costly to update, digital signage can be helpful to the students and at the same time give them a learning environment that isn’t only focused on a still-sitting teacher-centric environment where all information comes from an authority. Digital signage is a way to keep students updated with content that matters to them, in a way that matches their thinking.

Waiting Areas

Improve patient experience and empower them with messages on their hospital stay. This will help with alleviating anxiety and / or boredom with tailored daily messages, updates on waiting times for sections of the building, or even their own specific procedure which they have come in for. Highlight achievements and donor information as well as showing news, sports and weather information to help the perceived waiting time

Compliance and Emergency Messages

Ensure your messaging is on point with the vast numbers of staff, patients and visitors. Health and safety information or hygiene messages can be updated on a regular basis at all points of the building, not just where there has been time to put up a printed poster. Trigger emergency messages based on any major event including; alarm testing or severe weather alerts,with a push of a button or trigger or an existing paging system.

Employee communication

Well placed digital signage staff break room areas will help drive critical messages, as well as training initiatives. All updated safety procedures can be shared with employees as they become available, lowering the cost of printed signage which can quickly become outdated. More importantly, digital signage will allow your employees to focus on other duties rather than replacing static signage messages every day / week / month.


Directories are very useful for hospitals that are part of a larger building or multiple buildings grouped together. Efficiency is key when it comes to patient experience, so clear and concise way-finding is paramount to ensuring a smooth patient journey through what can often be a maze of buildings

Collaboration and 3rd Party Advertising

Collaboration with brands and 3rd party advertising can be a way of using digital signage to increase revenue which can be put towards much-needed research or non-budgeted resources. Collaborate with suppliers and brands to ensure corporate messaging is also shown alongside important visitor, staff and patient messaging


Save time printing menus out every day / week. Whether it is the lunch specials in the cafeteria or nutritional information, all can be changed quickly and effectively through digital signage.

Consultation & Plan

Help you find the best
screens and solution to fit
your strategy and budget.


Installed and running your
screen in no time, delivering
high level of service.



Content Design

To transform your idea into
reality, static images,
animation and video clips.


Provide one to one training
to ensure you are happy
with using your new displays
and playback software in
day to day envirnoment.

Support and Maintenance 

offer bespoke service level
agreement whre we will
perform regular service

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