LED screens are the ideal platform for any kind of indoor or outdoor event to better engage their target markets and audiences.
It’s perfect to perform as digital banners and signage, stage sets, social media walls, digital wall paper, messaging and branding,
basically any environment where you want to ‘show and tell’ to an audience. With Hitech Panda, LED screens are available in
customisable sizes and expandable configurations, these video walls are perfect over long viewing distances and in high ambient
light settings. When bright quality visuals are central to your event’s experience, an LED wall display will provide a great result.

Indoor LED Video Wall

High Resolution indoor LED Screens are the perfect display solution for indoor events such as exhibitions, conferences, awards shows, experimental marketing and corporate events. They deliver high impact, gorgeous video and images that will blow your audience away.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Our range of robust and reliable modular LED
Screens are perfect for all outdoor events that
require a big screen. With the latest LED
technology they look clear and brilliant under
bright stage & camera lighting, or in direct

Indoor LED Video Wall

A new, irreplaceable, creative application effect can be realized by using transparent led screen in concert, TV station’s party & large entertainment program, auto show & high-end  exhibition, and large-scale new product launch
conference etc. Transparent LED screen will becomes a big trend in the LED display rental market.

High Quality Product

To bring you with the best user experience, HITECH PANDA is committed
to providing customers with the most efficient, safe, stable and durable
LED Screen and Security System products.

End to End Service

We provide true end to end customized services including sales consult,
content designing, installation and maintenance, to ensure you will have
the most efficient support and help.