• German design
  • 7’’ 800×480 TFT LCD
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Linux OS
  • Intercom between monitors
  • Read messages
  • Wall mount
  • POE function (Optional)


Appearance Model #. AJB-ID11A
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 220×136×18
Screen Size 7″
Housing Material PMMA
Front Panel Material ABS
Front Panel Color white
Installation wall mount
Touch Screen Yes
Button Yes
IP Protection IP30
Capacitive Touch Screen Yes
Resistive Touch Screen N/A
System Screen Resolution 800*480
SoC Chip TI DM365
Protocol TCP/IP
Video Stream H.264/M_JEPG
Audio Stream G.711
Storage(M) 256
OS Linux
Signal Method Broadcasting
Answer Channel Loudness Value (dB) 18dB±5dB
Nonlinear Distortion Level   % ≤10
Ring Loudness (dB) 13dB±5dB
Calling Channel Loudness Value (dB) 70≥


Standby Current (mA) ≤180
Working Current (mA) ≤400
Communication Method Ethernet
Rating Voltage 13.8V
Audio/Video Delay (second) 0.5S
Working Condition Working Temperature -13℃~57℃
Working Humidity 45%~95%
Working Atmospheric Pressure 86~106kpa
Function Communicate with management office Yes
Communicate with guard station Yes
Communicate with block panel Yes
Communicate with other apartment Yes
View real time video and unlock Yes
Do not disturb Yes
Full Duplex Communication Yes
Call log list Yes
Ringtone selection Yes
Ringtone volume Yes
Visitor auto snapshot Yes
Visitor voice message Yes
Push message from management office Yes
Built-in alarm system Optional
Alarm message display in management office Yes
Built-in alarm zones 8
One key arm/disarm Yes
Maximum monitor for one family 5
Screen brightness control Yes
Lift control Optional
Remote firmware upgrade Yes
Integrated bus data port AJB serial port
Built-in Wifi No


Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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