Bosch Alarm Solution 6000 Kit

Package Includes:
1 x Bosch Solution 6000 Control Panel w/ Metal Enclosure
1 x Bosch solution 6000 Graphic Keypad
3 x Bosch Blue Line Gen2 PIR
1 x Bosch AC Power Supply
1 x Bosch 12V, 7Ah Rechargeable Battery
1 x External Siren
1 x Internal Piezo Siren Surface Mount
 Quick Reference Guide / User Manual

Bosch solution 6000 alarm system Kit 3xGen2 standard PIRs Graphic code pad

Features of the Bosch 6000 Control Panel
16 on-board zones (expandable to 144 wired or wireless)
Partitionable to 8 Areas with 256 PIN, token, keyfob and fingerprint users
Integrated access control for up to 16 doors
Proximity keypads, Weather-proof external metal keypads, Internal & External LAN readers & Fingerprint LAN readers available
5 on-board outputs (expandable to 37)
GSM/GPRS and Ethernet options
For making better warning consequence when alarm goes off, the voice has to be loud.
we only supply box external siren.
More PIRs and other accessories can be added in.
We supply fully devices related with this kit.  Such as remote kit, Quad PIR, IP module.


Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 45 × 55 cm


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