Transparent LED Screens

This is the next generation display creating amazing impact images and video display, ideal for Store front,Show window and Stage Display. It allows the retailer to maximise the impact of advertisement campaings without blocking out larger areas of the windows.Natural Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out.

Ice Screen

Very see through, easy installation without any changes of building appearance, create valuable open view urban advertising media in large space indoors, perfect for glass wall, large indoor space and stage display.

Poster Screen

clean up your shop, window display, modern realistic HD imaging, remotely easy update wifi connect with smart phone allow you to update your promotion on a daily bases, perfect for window display.


LED Screens  are the perfect display solution for indoor and outdoor events where you want a big screen to deliver high impact, gorgeous video and images.Need help and advice? Give us a call to discuss your project.

Fix Installation 

Buying a LED is long term investment with a life spanning many years.It is vital that the company you buy it from has a history of working with LED technology and is going to be around to maintain it in the future.

Consultation & Plan

Help you find the best screens and solution to fit your strategy and budget.


Installed and up and running your screen in no time, delivering high level of service.

Content Design 

To transform your idea into reality, static images, animation and video clips.


Provide one to one training to ensure you are happy with using your new displays and playback software in day to day envirnoment.

Support and Maintenance

offer bespoke service level agreement whre we will perform regular service checks.