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Digital Menu Boards
A Digital Menu is Worth a Thousand Bites
Save Time by Maintaining a Digital Menu
Reduce Your Marketing Cost
Creates Memorable Customer Experiences
Keep Your Business Open 24/7
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Freestanding Kiosk
Improves Customer Buying Experience
Increases Your Customer Base
Reduces Costs
Helps Save Time
Helps with Branding and Advertising
Helps Validate Product Ideas
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LCD Video Wall
Superior Visual Performance
Higher Resolutions
Powerful Processing
Superior Brightness
Dynamic Content Placement
Superior Reliability and Versatility
Minimal Maintenance
Flexible Size & Shape
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Interactive Touch Screen
Reduce Business Costs
Improve Business Efficiency
Enhance Customer Service
Improve The Customers’ Buying Experience
Increase Sales
Deliver A Faster Return On Investment
Boost Job Satisfaction
Help Businesses Understand Consumer Behavior
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LED Screen
Bright, Vivid, Attention grabbing displays
Unique content opportunities
Operational from anywhere
Complete control of your message
Low maintenance & high durability
Higher RIO on out of home advertising
Advantages for billboard companies
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HiTech panda is a Fast growing Melbourne-based integrators specialized in Led Screen, Security Cameras and Security Systems, Access Control. We provide vast range of services tailored to the needs of local business and customers. With years of experience, we know exactly which direction to take when supplying you with high quality yet budget friendly products. We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support. Utilizing the latest technology, HiTech Panda is dedicated to keeping Melbourne and its surrounds safe. We support our products and our partners to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and will meet the expectations of all stakeholders. If you are looking for Digital Signage, Led Screen, Security Systems, Access Control, Data Connection, and Wi-Fi Coverage solutions, HiTech Panda is your choice.

Digital Signage Melbourne

Promoting Your Brand / Engaging Your Customers / Advertising Your Products / Driving Your Sales / Increasing Your ROI

Install a digital signage is a long-term investment with a life spanning many years, you want your strategically stand screen to boost your sales, to attract your customers, to further promote your brand name. Hithech Panda Melbourne is the right digital signage expert to help you achieve these goals. We care about all the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN! Meaning we will learn WHO is your target audience, WHAT is your needs, WHERE to install to make it most effective, and WHEN to update to keep your content reaches your target audience right on time. By taking care of all those factors, to come up with the most suitable yet cost effective solutions.

LED Screen Melbourne

High impact visual effect / Flashing moving image / High brightness display / Frequently updated content

LED screens are the ideal platform for any kind of indoor or outdoor event to better engage their target markets and audiences. It’s perfect to perform as digital banners and signage, stage sets, social media walls, digital wall paper, messaging and branding, basically any environment where you want to ‘show and tell’ to an audience. With Hitech Panda, the Melbourne LED Screen expert, LED screens are available in customisable sizes and expandable configurations, these video walls are perfect over long viewing distances and in high ambient light settings. When bright quality visuals are central to your event’s experience, an LED wall display will provide a great result.

Security Cameras & Security System

Security camera / Alarm system / Security infrastructure setup / IP Networks / Wireless Mesh connection

HiTech Panda Melbourne designs, installs, and services seamlessly integrated electronic security solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries. HiTech Panda security cameras and security systems serving single-site customers, as well as those with a global multi-site footprint, we will design a security system solution to meet both your current needs as well as your future growth plans. Most importantly, HiTech Panda security cameras and security systems provides a wide array of professional services to ensure your investment is protected and continues to operate as originally designed

Our Products

Digital Menu Board
Freestanding Kiosk
LCD Video Wall
Interactive Touch Screen
Indoor LED Screen
Outdoor LED Screen
Transparent LED Screen
IP Camera
HDTVI Camera
HDCVI Camera
Alarm System
Electronic Locks

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