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HiTech Panda provides dependable and innovative data & communication solutions to individuals and small and medium size businesses, From system design, engineering, and installation to managing existing systems, we offer a full range of services to our clients. OUR MISSION is to provide high-quality service while ensuring customer satisfaction at a competitive price.
Data & Communication
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Here at HiTech Panda we are qualified and equipped to undertake all of your data communication needs. We don’t just deliver projects – we provide solutions. Drawing from extensive experience and vast knowledge, we’re able to go above and beyond to provide our customers with the very best solutions possible. We can implement all types of structured cabling solutions, including fibre optic, copper, voice and data. We are passionate about what we do and always keep on top of trends and advancements in the data communication industry. We utilize up-to-date and current technology to ensure we provide the best possible finish. If you are looking to set up your home, office or the likes, with a complete telephone system, have copper or fibre systems installed and certified, use integrated cabling, plus more, you have come to the right place! We put 110 percent effort and dedication into each and every job we do so you can be sure you will get comprehensive, trustworthy service from us.


Voice and data cabling are the backbones of any communications system and it all begins with proper installation and configuration. The right voice and data cabling setup will provide you with years of fault-free operations. Whether you want to upgrade to a VoIP system, add workstations, or fix broken connections, HiTech Panda will design and maintain a system that works for you.
We install voice and data cabling plans that support:

  • VoIP phone systems
  • Wi-Fi/Wireless Network Installation
  • WLAN Networking Setup
  • Access Point Installer
  • Audio/Video Cabling and Wiring
  • Network Cabling Design
  • Server Racks

The implementation and installation of various wiring mediums, along with voice and data cabling, will make HiTech Panda your first choice of the telecommunications service provider. Our experts have years of experience implementing multi-pair copper, shielded copper, and fiber optic wiring designs for many different customer applications. The growing size of networks and the introduction of higher-speed access methods created an overwhelming need for reliable, manageable cabling components and cabling systems. Careful planning will prevent blockage that can dramatically diminish your network performance. At the same time, a successful enterprise demands flexibility to meet the constant change of equipment like cabling components and hardware. 

Designed to accommodate frequent moves, updates, and changes, a structured cabling system (that utilizes top-quality cabling components) is the foundation of the modern information network. At HiTech Panda, we install top-quality cabling components for reliable high-powered network performance. A standard voice and data cabling plan include a CAT5e or CAT6 cable run. HiTech Panda works with you to provide the infrastructure for your current data applications and the capacity to meet your needs as they change in the future.

Through all the changes and challenges that confront your business, a structured cabling system can alleviate the work-flow disruption and network downtime associated with office restructuring. No other component in your network has a longer life cycle or requires such close consideration. As an investment, structured cabling provides exceptional returns. A structured cabling system will outlive all other networking components. It requires minimal upgrades and ultimately saves your business both time and money. While you pay a little more up-front for the extra cabling, you save tremendously by foregoing the labor cost of pulling additional wires.

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