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Digital Signage for Restaurant & Cafe

Installing a dynamic digital signage as advertising signs can be a game changing for restaurant & cafe, but if it is stand there just as a menu board, it’s not much of use. With HiTech Panda-Melbourne digital signage specialist, we provide you with all the advertising solutions to boost your business sales with your strategically installed screen, we are toiling behind the scenes in an effort to deliver a picture-perfect,engaging experience to the customers, to smartly incorporating promotions and enhancing displays into the dining area.

No more boring waiting time!

Nobody likes to wait in long queues when they’re hungry. Digital signage displays give customers something more interesting to look at than the head of the person in front of them. The more interesting, relevant and engaging your content, the more effectively this works.

Look at our amazing offers!

Just before your customer is about to purchase is the perfect time to let your special offers roll off the tongue. Use your digital signage displays to remind them of any incentives or deals they can get on specific products or sell them the benefit of going ‘large’ or so on with their order.

Avoid embarrassment

Ever experienced a customer queuing for hours for their favorite food, but when they finally get to the front of the queue you’re sold out? Remember the disappointment and the embarrassment they had? How can they make another decision when there’s a queue of impatient customers waiting behind them? It doesn’t have to be this way! With HiTech Panda and our Digital Menu Board app, it can be updated in seconds, from anywhere, helping  customers and staff to save face and make informed decisions.

Be Social

Did you notice how many of your customers taking photo of their food in your restaurant? How many of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram firends love to share a photo of food? Ask them to give you instant feedback for the chance of a free burger or money-off coupon. Your customers will take more pictures of your food. The message will be amplified outside of the walls and to hungry people everywhere.

Get the desserts!

Using visual images and menu boards of your desserts shown throughout the restaurant is a great way to get your customers set on what they’re going to finish with. Chances are, once they see your revolving digital display of cakes and delicacies they won’t be able to resist and will simply point in the direction of what they want and hope that you deliver it.

Build community

Generations under the age of 30 have been born digital. They are used to facilitating relationships, friendships, giving feedback and asking for advice online. As naturally as someone would have filled in a written feedback form 10 years ago. Using live social media displays on the walls of your restaurant gives them a way to do this and could even build community between your current patrons.

Show your personality

Personality adds another flavor to the aura of dining out and gives people a reason to return. Why not use your signage displays to showcase this. Introduce your staff members and their favorite menu recommendations. Tell them random facts about the farmers you buy your meat from. Personality is what brings life to your menus and products. Screens are the vehicles on which to showcase it.

Keep up to date

Still flipping your static boards over from breakfast to lunch? Why not using our playlist function you to schedule your content playback? This could also benefit staff, allowing them to refresh on menu choices before the start of a shift or providing training notices and guidelines on the latest food regulation standards.

Our Digital Signage Product Range

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5 Steps to your Digital Signage

Consultation & Designing

Working with you we can transform your vision and ideas into a reality. From our extensive range products and services we create a customised solution based on our expert knowledge and experience. Arrange a visit to our show room at our Melbourne office to see your display in action. We can then deliver photorealistic visualisations to give you an idea what your screen solution will look like in site.


“Our in house professional technicians can provide you with fast and reliable installation services.” But we provide service even beyond this statement, we focus on DETAIL, aiming for PERFECTION. Meaning we will never leave a disturbing positioned socket, or annoyingly twisted cable, we will setup and running your screen without you even notice, ensure you use it conveniently and smoothly like you have used it for ages. 

Content Design

Here is the question when comes to digital signage, what should I show on so it will actuality work as a part of my marketing tool? Well we can ensure you the capability of it is only limited by your imagination. HiTehch Panda has got hundreds of creative ideas to help you deliver any kind of fancy content: videos, images, animations, or even static images. But we are not only artist, we are designer, we will ensure the content we provide to you not just visually stunning & eye catching, but actuality taking effect on your business.


Don’t think to install a digital signage is just something to give you and your stuff more everyday task to do, you will be amaze how easy modern technology has brought us today when you start use our playback system. We will show you step by step of how to use it right after the installation. Then you will be able to remotely update your content at any time from any where just within a second! We will regular make return visit to ensure your content always on spot!

Maintenance & support 

All HiTech Panda installations come with full support and maintenance packages to ensure your display has minimal downtime during its lifetime. Any time you have trouble with any of our product, just give us a call, and a remote technical help will be delivered in no time. If that won’t solve your problem, one of our technician will be sent to your location at the earliest time.