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Digital Signage for Automotive

Cars are not cheap everyday purchases so it is important that the customer feels they have made the right decision. Don’t forget today’s customers are even more informed than before with technology at their fingertips. Coming to the showroom should not just be a transactional journey. This is a perfect place to make or break company branding and service. Shrink perceived waiting times down with the use of digital signage. One size does not fit all – so give your franchises the key to display location specific news, promotions and information, ensuring customers are only exposed to timely and relevant content. Your ultimate vision delivered – the ultimate fully integrated in-dealership digital experience.

Attract your customers in the Waiting Areas with video walls

The reception area of any car showroom is often its centrepiece, and also where the customer experience starts, so make it stand out with stunning video wall arrays and appealing content which will set the tone and expectation of a worthy establishment whether there for an annual service or checking out the latest model available. Encourage customers to go for a ride! There’s nothing like the visual of helping them see themselves driving through long coastal roads. “Find out how you can be in with a chance of walking away with a brand new X car today”.


Show your Services

What service / maintenance is actually needed for the car? Alleviate confusion or resistance to ensuring that best practices products are taken up as up-sell items not just to increase the cost of a service but for a good reason. Show waiting time or a queue of what stage of the servicing their vehicle is at and potential waiting time. Service staff can utilise specific screens in them maintenance area to interact with when explaining different procedures. Visuals will help the customers to understand better the requirement for each procedure which might be needed. “2,500 happy customers trust us to do their servicing…”.

Boost sales with interactive screen

A lot of customers do not appreciate the ‘used car salesman’ approach. Having interactive displays coupled with other digital signage will subliminally add to the message for all customers. Build your own car, or product catalogue applications can all be utilised to reduce perceived waiting times in car dealerships. Often children form part of the party being taken along on a weekend to look at a new car, keep them entertained with applications in the ‘kid’s corner’. A happy family is more likely to spend more time in the showroom and make a decision on a new car.

Let the Social Media promote your brand

It’s not just about what you say about the brand it is about word of mouth from social media. This is an increasingly used medium to highlight new promotions, brand awareness and help with customer engagement. Increase the company’s visibility while at the same time helping your customer with the ‘status’ symbol. After all, you don’t buy a Ferrari every day. Best selfie of the month competition can actually be a thing to strive for.

Internal Communication for staff

Keep sales staff up to date with latest information in the staff room and what the products of the week will be with relevant incentives. Why not reward / recognize the month’s top seller?

Our Digital Signage Product Range

Digital Menu Board
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Interactive Touch Screen

5 Steps to your Digital Signage

Consultation & Designing

Working with you we can transform your vision and ideas into a reality. From our extensive range products and services we create a customised solution based on our expert knowledge and experience. Arrange a visit to our show room at our Melbourne office to see your display in action. We can then deliver photorealistic visualisations to give you an idea what your screen solution will look like in site.


“Our in house professional technicians can provide you with fast and reliable installation services.” But we provide service even beyond this statement, we focus on DETAIL, aiming for PERFECTION. Meaning we will never leave a disturbing positioned socket, or annoyingly twisted cable, we will setup and running your screen without you even notice, ensure you use it conveniently and smoothly like you have used it for ages. 

Content Design

Here is the question when comes to digital signage, what should I show on so it will actuality work as a part of my marketing tool? Well we can ensure you the capability of it is only limited by your imagination. HiTehch Panda has got hundreds of creative ideas to help you deliver any kind of fancy content: videos, images, animations, or even static images. But we are not only artist, we are designer, we will ensure the content we provide to you not just visually stunning & eye catching, but actuality taking effect on your business.


Don’t think to install a digital signage is just something to give you and your stuff more everyday task to do, you will be amaze how easy modern technology has brought us today when you start use our playback system. We will show you step by step of how to use it right after the installation. Then you will be able to remotely update your content at any time from any where just within a second! We will regular make return visit to ensure your content always on spot!

Maintenance & support 

All HiTech Panda installations come with full support and maintenance packages to ensure your display has minimal downtime during its lifetime. Any time you have trouble with any of our product, just give us a call, and a remote technical help will be delivered in no time. If that won’t solve your problem, one of our technician will be sent to your location at the earliest time.