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Digital Signage for Shop

Bringing digital signage into your store opens up a whole world of new possibilities for promoting products, serving customers,
and generally enhancing the store experience. That’s why digital signage installations are growing by nearly 40% year over year,
with retail leading the industry at 25% of sales. With HiTech Panda Melbourne advertising signs, digital signage specialist , we provide you with all the solutions to boost your business sales with your strategically installed screen, we are toiling behind the scenes in an effort to deliver a picture-perfect, engaging experience to the customers, to smartly incorporating promotions and enhancing displays into your stores.

Create powerful and engaging window led displays. Draw in window shoppers and boost foot traffic!

One of the biggest benefits of digital signage in the window is movement. Because digital signs can move and change, they’re way more likely to catch the eye of shoppers and passersby. Printed signs only capture shopper interest for as long as it takes to read them. When signs change and move, you can draw shoppers in, both visually and physically.
That means you’ve piqued their interest and you have a literal foot in the door.
For example, you can use digital signage software to update window displays to reflect whatever focus or sales are happening in-store.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Today’s most successful retailers have become more than just a store to consumers. Retailers like Toms and Ben & Jerry’s are known more for their brands than their products. It’s your story that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. Digital signage frees up the square footage to tell that story right in your store, and offer you a high-tech, visual way to relay your brand story to shoppers. Pop-in stores are another use case for digital signage. When your square footage is really limited (because you’re in someone else’s retail space), they can help draw customer attention to your products and displays with messaging that’s simple to change.

Share Product Information and Up-sell

You have floor staff who can answer customer questions about any product in the store. But isn’t their time better spent encouraging sales than answering the same questions — about product features and benefits — over and over? With digital signage, you have the real estate to display more product information for customers to reference. You can also engage customers with interactive displays that give them the information they’re looking for, freeing up floor staff to use their time more productively. You can even offer robust product comparisons, making it easier for customers to make a buying decision. Speaking of productive time, digital signage enables you to boost sales through up-selling and cross-selling — without having to double your staff. You can program digital displays to offer recommendations and promote add-on items and packages. That means you can have five digital stations throughout the store that are working to grow your store’s revenue, even if you only have two sales associates on the floor.

Bring Your Online Efforts In-Store

Many retailers are working to differentiate the eCommerce and brick-and-mortar experiences. We’ve seen that competing with eCommerce on factors like ease and convenience isn’t a winning strategy for retail, but with tools like digital signage, it doesn’t have to be one sales channel over another.
Stores that sell online put a lot of effort into digital marketing — and rightfully so. Digital signage empowers your physical store to benefit from those efforts, too. You can pull in valuable social proof (like social media posts from customers and online reviews) and re-purpose strong online content for viewing in your shop.

Our Digital Signage Product Range

Digital Menu Board
Freestanding Kiosk​
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Interactive Touch Screen

5 Steps to your Digital Signage

Consultation & Designing

Working with you we can transform your vision and ideas into a reality. From our extensive range products and services we create a customised solution based on our expert knowledge and experience. Arrange a visit to our show room at our Melbourne office to see your display in action. We can then deliver photorealistic visualisations to give you an idea what your screen solution will look like in site.


“Our in house professional technicians can provide you with fast and reliable installation services.” But we provide service even beyond this statement, we focus on DETAIL, aiming for PERFECTION. Meaning we will never leave a disturbing positioned socket, or annoyingly twisted cable, we will setup and running your screen without you even notice, ensure you use it conveniently and smoothly like you have used it for ages. 

Content Design

Here is the question when comes to digital signage, what should I show on so it will actuality work as a part of my marketing tool? Well we can ensure you the capability of it is only limited by your imagination. HiTehch Panda has got hundreds of creative ideas to help you deliver any kind of fancy content: videos, images, animations, or even static images. But we are not only artist, we are designer, we will ensure the content we provide to you not just visually stunning & eye catching, but actuality taking effect on your business.


Don’t think to install a digital signage is just something to give you and your stuff more everyday task to do, you will be amaze how easy modern technology has brought us today when you start use our playback system. We will show you step by step of how to use it right after the installation. Then you will be able to remotely update your content at any time from any where just within a second! We will regular make return visit to ensure your content always on spot!

Maintenance & support 

All HiTech Panda installations come with full support and maintenance packages to ensure your display has minimal downtime during its lifetime. Any time you have trouble with any of our product, just give us a call, and a remote technical help will be delivered in no time. If that won’t solve your problem, one of our technician will be sent to your location at the earliest time.