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Digital Signage for Office

The office is not just a place for people to work. It’s where company culture is built, where relationships grow and where those working for you become firmly entrenched in those magic words: ‘company culture’. And having great company culture is no longer just an option. Employees today consider it as much than they do salary and perks. Communicating with your employees is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder every day as workers are inundated with calls, meetings and emails, drowning out important messages you are trying to convey. HiTech Panda Melbourne advertising signs, digital signage specialist can help your company build up your unique company culture through install the right LED panel screens.

Impress your visitors

The entrance to your office or building is your first opportunity to engage both employees and visitors alike. Video Walls are a very popular way to deliver the ‘wow’ experience by creating a large canvas for your messaging, whether it’s company branding or a custom welcome message for your most important customers.

Easy navigating

Directories are very useful for companies that are part of a larger building, and because tenants turnover happens frequently, it makes sense to go digital to eliminate printing costs. Directories can also be used to promote building services and provide advertising revenue.

Never get board when you too early

Rarely does everyone show up for their meetings 100% on time, so digital signage can be deployed in waiting areas to shorten perceived wait time and/or reinforce branding. Live TV can be combined with corporate messaging to make that wait time feel much shorter.

Mark the Big Data 

The era of “Big Data” is upon us, but just collecting information is only the beginning. You can use well placed digital signage to provide relevant information for different types of employees, such as current pipeline data for sales, wait times and customer satisfaction for your call centers, social media impact for the marketing teams and even efficiency statistics for the manufacturing floor.

Our Digital Signage Product Range

Digital Menu Board
Freestanding Kiosk​
LCD Video Wall​
Interactive Touch Screen

5 Steps to your Digital Signage

Consultation & Designing

Working with you we can transform your vision and ideas into a reality. From our extensive range products and services we create a customised solution based on our expert knowledge and experience. Arrange a visit to our show room at our Melbourne office to see your display in action. We can then deliver photorealistic visualisations to give you an idea what your screen solution will look like in site.


“Our in house professional technicians can provide you with fast and reliable installation services.” But we provide service even beyond this statement, we focus on DETAIL, aiming for PERFECTION. Meaning we will never leave a disturbing positioned socket, or annoyingly twisted cable, we will setup and running your screen without you even notice, ensure you use it conveniently and smoothly like you have used it for ages. 

Content Design

Here is the question when comes to digital signage, what should I show on so it will actuality work as a part of my marketing tool? Well we can ensure you the capability of it is only limited by your imagination. HiTehch Panda has got hundreds of creative ideas to help you deliver any kind of fancy content: videos, images, animations, or even static images. But we are not only artist, we are designer, we will ensure the content we provide to you not just visually stunning & eye catching, but actuality taking effect on your business.


Don’t think to install a digital signage is just something to give you and your stuff more everyday task to do, you will be amaze how easy modern technology has brought us today when you start use our playback system. We will show you step by step of how to use it right after the installation. Then you will be able to remotely update your content at any time from any where just within a second! We will regular make return visit to ensure your content always on spot!

Maintenance & support 

All HiTech Panda installations come with full support and maintenance packages to ensure your display has minimal downtime during its lifetime. Any time you have trouble with any of our product, just give us a call, and a remote technical help will be delivered in no time. If that won’t solve your problem, one of our technician will be sent to your location at the earliest time.