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2500nit-3000nit High Brightness
Street-Facing Digital Window Display

Ever had the problem of your digital window display not eye-catching enough to attract your potential customers? Well, with this ultra-high brightness street-facing digital window display package, you will never need to worry about this problem. Not only we can provide you with the highest brightness an LCD Screen can offer (2500nit – 3000nit), the most presentable installation, 3 years warranty, we also provide our service at the lowest price you can get in the industry! Want to bright up your store window today? Call us now to get a free quote!

Ultra-Brightness High Brightness
Street-Facing Digital Window Display

  • Patented structural design, with excellent heat dissipation and structural strength.
  • Direct-lit light mode, Super Opencell compatibility, can achieve full size, full vendor compatibility.
  • With all-aluminum structure to maximize the heat transfer, so as to reduce the operating temperature, to meet the tougher environmental requirements.
  • Patent cooling technology, the screen backplane with jagged heat sink structure, It helps to get the heat out of the backlight parts and also helps the ventilation design of outdoor LCD display.
  • Direct-lit type backlight – low-voltage low-power technology. Using ultra-low power LED as backlight.
  • LCD panel: We use LG-IPS high-temperature resistance LCD panel. Resistant to 60 degrees high temperature
  • Intelligent environment dimming, Auto brightness control.
  • Independent research and development of constant voltage constant current backlight control board, multi-channel IC control, over-current over-voltage protection, protection of LED life.

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