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Digital Signage for Healthcare

The healthcare industry (from hospitals to veterinary practices) is possibly one of the few industry verticals where digital signage combined with the high dwelling times can have an even more beneficial impact for employees, patients and visitors. Digital signage not only provides superior engagement and return on investment vs conventional digital signage, but with the average dwelling times as high as 40 minutes there is no better platform to reach an ever growing number of visitors. With patients choosing hospitals based on amenities and non-medical characteristics it is important to place emphasis on the patient and visitor journey. Ultimately, digital signage provides organisations the tools to be more efficient and cost effective, leading to an improved patient experience.

Waiting Areas

Improve patient experience and empower them with messages on their hospital stay. This will help with alleviating anxiety and / or boredom with tailored daily messages, updates on waiting times for sections of the building, or even their own specific procedure which they have come in for. Highlight achievements and donor information as well as showing news, sports and weather information to help the perceived waiting time

Compliance and Emergency Messages

Ensure your messaging is on point with the vast numbers of staff, patients and visitors. Health and safety information or hygiene messages can be updated on a regular basis at all points of the building, not just where there has been time to put up a printed poster. Trigger emergency messages based on any major event including; alarm testing or severe weather alerts,with a push of a button or trigger or an existing paging system.

Employee communication

Well placed digital signage staff break room areas will help drive critical messages, as well as training initiatives. All updated safety procedures can be shared with employees as they become available, lowering the cost of printed signage which can quickly become outdated. More importantly, digital signage will allow your employees to focus on other duties rather than replacing static signage messages every day / week / month.


Directories are very useful for hospitals that are part of a larger building or multiple buildings grouped together. Efficiency is key when it comes to patient experience, so clear and concise way-finding is paramount to ensuring a smooth patient journey through what can often be a maze of buildings

Collaboration and 3rd Party Advertising

Collaboration with brands and 3rd party advertising can be a way of using digital signage to increase revenue which can be put towards much-needed research or non-budgeted resources. Collaborate with suppliers and brands to ensure corporate messaging is also shown alongside important visitor, staff and patient messaging.


Save time printing menus out every day / week. Whether it is the lunch specials in the cafeteria or nutritional information, all can be changed quickly and effectively through digital signage.

Our Digital Signage Product Range

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5 Steps to your Digital Signage

Consultation & Designing

Working with you we can transform your vision and ideas into a reality. From our extensive range products and services we create a customised solution based on our expert knowledge and experience. Arrange a visit to our show room at our Melbourne office to see your display in action. We can then deliver photorealistic visualisations to give you an idea what your screen solution will look like in site.


“Our in house professional technicians can provide you with fast and reliable installation services.” But we provide service even beyond this statement, we focus on DETAIL, aiming for PERFECTION. Meaning we will never leave a disturbing positioned socket, or annoyingly twisted cable, we will setup and running your screen without you even notice, ensure you use it conveniently and smoothly like you have used it for ages. 

Content Design

Here is the question when comes to digital signage, what should I show on so it will actuality work as a part of my marketing tool? Well we can ensure you the capability of it is only limited by your imagination. HiTehch Panda has got hundreds of creative ideas to help you deliver any kind of fancy content: videos, images, animations, or even static images. But we are not only artist, we are designer, we will ensure the content we provide to you not just visually stunning & eye catching, but actuality taking effect on your business.


Don’t think to install a digital signage is just something to give you and your stuff more everyday task to do, you will be amaze how easy modern technology has brought us today when you start use our playback system. We will show you step by step of how to use it right after the installation. Then you will be able to remotely update your content at any time from any where just within a second! We will regular make return visit to ensure your content always on spot!

Maintenance & support 

All HiTech Panda installations come with full support and maintenance packages to ensure your display has minimal downtime during its lifetime. Any time you have trouble with any of our product, just give us a call, and a remote technical help will be delivered in no time. If that won’t solve your problem, one of our technician will be sent to your location at the earliest time.