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Freestanding Kiosk

Would you like to take your static advertising to the next level so you can really engage your customers? Our Freestanding Kisok Digital Signage blend electronic posters with a conventional lobby stand for a dynamic result that is sure to increase the reach and impact of your branding. Whether you’re displaying goods at a trade show or giving a sales presentation at the office, these cutting edge advertising displays marry form and function and make it memorable. Digital signage displays with plug & play technology elevates you from dabbler to expert in a very short time. 

SAI200 Serie Freestanding Kiosk

  • Industrial design, metal housing makes the device wearable and anti-magnetic, protective glass design and painting process make the device body smooth, dustproof and anti-crash
  • Various play formats, support video, picture, text, audio and other multimedia information display, made for advertising industry
  • Remote device management, support remote timing switch, adjust volume, synchronize the time of terminal, screen shot, remote upgrade
  • Various play modes, support cycle play, specified time play, inter-cut, interval play and so on
  • Multi-level permission settings and management, unaudited programs can not be added to the schedule and play at the terminal