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Transparent ICE LED Screen

  • 85% Transparency;
  • 120° Viewing Angle;
  • 5000cd/㎡ Brightness;
  • Easy installation & maintenance, build into any size;
  • Ultra-thin & lightweight


Reliable: the screen is stable and reliable with good heat dissipation effect.Dazzle: multi-screen interaction, image changes, three-dimensional space and the sense of reality

Pixel Pitch (mm)3.9 x 7.8
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)32768
Module Resolution (dot)256 X 64
LED TypeSMD 3 in 1
Brightness (cd/㎡)5000
Viewing Angle120
Grey Leve14bits
Scan Mode 1/4
Refresh Rate (Hz)3840
Frame Frequency (Hz)60
Avg.Power Consumption (W/㎡)240
Max.Power Consumption (W/㎡)800
Working Temp-20~50℃
Weight (kg/㎡)17


Dimensions (unit : mm)

Modularization: DIY design, can be spliced any size.Ultralight: only 8.5kg, easy to carry.Ultra-thin: the thickness of the transparent display part of the screen is only 38mm, ultra-thin and concise.Compatibility: the new structure design meets the requirements of hoisting and erection, and meets the requirements of indoor and outdoor use.Quick: quick lock structure is used to connect the upper and lower parts of the box. It takes about 15 seconds to complete the installation of a box with high installation accuracy.Stunning: Multiscreen plays the same content, the image varies and shows stereo feeling and sense of reality of 3D space.


Floor Standing

System Topology